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Organic, culinary grade dried thyme. These thyme leaves are organically grown in Poland without GMO. They are cultivated in the most temperate climate to preserve their content and flavor.

Thyme is often used for: cleansing, courage, dreams, banishing negativity, happiness, healing, love, prosperity, preventing nightmares, protection and divination, clairvoyance and psychic development.

Thyme can be sprinkled or burned to purify a space. Wearing a sprig of thyme in your hair is said to make you more approachable. Greek soldiers steeped thyme in their bathwater to enhance courage. Add it to your soak before an event you feel nervous about.

European pagan traditions claim that faeries love thyme… they also love to make your things disappear just when you need them. Fortunately, when asked nicely, they usually don’t mind bringing them back! Leave an offering of fresh thyme and honey with a request that the faeries aid you in your search for something lost.

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