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Money Magick by Patricia Telesco

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Banish the poverty pox forever! Money may not buy happiness, but a wise witch knows that having no financial burdens certainly makes things easier. Being prosperous also releases a lot of constraints on our time and energy, energy that is much better directed toward positive spiritual pursuits instead of worrying over the "have nots."

Money Magick was written with this in mind. In the pages of this practical and clever book you will discover:
* How magick can help us inspire prosperity.
* What methods our ancestors used to attract riches.
* Effective spells, charms, and chants to manifest providence.
* Food, beverages, and aromatics for bountiful blessings.
* Astrology and feng shui for stable finances.
* Tools and techniques to reclaim abundance in every corner of life, not just your wallets.

This book gives a clever, insightful, and practical blueprint for changing meager patterns in our lives to ones that reflect plenty.