Gretchen by Brian K. Little (Signed)

Gretchen by Brian K. Little (Signed)

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Almost 200 years ago in the small wooded area in eastern Ohio lies the tale of the shared adventures, love and tragedy of two young women. Creating the mystery of Gretchen's Lock, their story made and shaped a small village called Sprucevale. In the summer of 1981, a chance meeting with a strange red haired girl, tests the resolve and dictates the future of a 14 year old boy. Chris Bowman and his close friends are introduced to a world that may not give them the summer vacation they hoped for. The young teens discover the forgotten truth of the ghosts of Sprucevale’s past. Twenty years later, after the death of his friend, Chris returns to his hometown. Will he be able to move on with his future or will the summer of 1981 still haunt his life today? Author, Brian Little has taken the legend of Gretchen's Lock and created new twists and turns of the beautifully warped local tale.

This copy of Gretchen has been signed by the author.

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