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Crystal Confetti

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Our crystal confetti contains a wide variety of rough cut stones, tumbles, charms, mini carvings, mini mushrooms, spheres, points, and more!

You can order 8, 16, or 32 oz and we will scoop the items randomly. Every order is guaranteed to have at least one special item (not just tumbles).

Some of the special items in the mix are:
- Mini Fluorite Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, & Skulls
- Mini Yellow Fluorite Ducks
- Mini High Quality Garnet Hearts
- Dalmatian Jasper Spheres
- Blue Goldstone Lightning Bolts
- Assorted Crystal Coffins
- Mini Opalite Toothless Carvings
- Mini Pearly & Blue Amethyst Coated Clusters

** AND MORE **

Most items in the confetti are valued at $2-$6 each!