Astrology for Christians: Astonishing Evidence from History and the Bible by Suzan Stephan

Astrology for Christians: Astonishing Evidence from History and the Bible by Suzan Stephan

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Tracing the roots of astrology from Abraham through the life of Christ and the surrounding Roman Empire, this book provides astonishing evidence that astrology once held an essential position within early Christian beliefs and traditional monotheistic Hebrew culture. Powerful proofs from history and the Bible are examined, and the reasons behind the unfounded defamation of astrology by Roman church authorities are presented, finally legitimatizing astrology for Christians today. Applicable to the seasoned astrologer, yet easy to understand by those with little knowledge of astrology, detailed historical and astrological evidence behind the Star of Bethlehem, the biblical nature of wisdom, and the wise men are explored. Original horoscopes for King David and the eclipse preceding the birth of Jesus are described, with astounding implications for modern understanding. The final messages are clear: God is real. The story of Jesus Christ is real. The manifestation of God’s will is real, and nowhere in the Bible is there a condemnatio

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